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Assure Shred Information Security Specialist Named Authorized Compliance Toolkit Provider

Assure Shred is proud to announce that Information Security Specialist Gina Lentine is one of a limited number of information security professionals nationwide to be authorized as a distributor for a new Information Destruction Policy Compliance Toolkit.  The “Toolkit” is designed to help organizations develop written information destruction procedures now required by law.  According to the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID), many organizations in the US report they currently do not comply with this requirement and, therefore, are at risk.  The Toolkit is the first publication to specifically address information destruction policy development with a goal of making compliance with the laws easy and understandable. 

Prior to authorizing a NAID Member representative to use the toolkit with organizations, NAID requires that they first become oriented in its use.  Only individuals who have completed the orientation are permitted to distribute it. 

For more information on the NAID Information Destruction Compliance Toolkit, contact Gina Lentine at Assure Shred by telephone at 609.466.0007 or by email at gina@assureshred.com 









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