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Security Containers

Assure Shred provides locking containers for the collection of your sensitive information.  Depending upon your specific needs, your business will be supplied with locking bins and/or locking consoles.   

Once you have met with an Assure Shred Information Security Specialist, options will be offered for the number and size of security containers to be placed in your office(s).  These security containers will be delivered for your use free of charge. 


shredding console

These attractive, functional locking consoles measure 36” high x 19” wide x 19” deep.  Each console will hold approximately 90 pounds of paper.  The console’s convenient, front-loading drop slot leaves the entire top surface available for other office accessories.  Because of the light gray neutral finish, the console will blend with any office décor.   


shredding bin

The 66 gallon bin with locking lid measures 41” high x 25” wide x 29” deep.   Capacity is approximately 225 pounds. 

secured console

The 96 gallon bin with locking lid measures 43” high x 24” wide x 35” deep.    Capacity is approximately 350 pounds.



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